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From Clients

Jean Coletti is an exceptional and dedicated therapist committed to improving her client’s quality of daily functions. Jean utilizes cutting edge techniques, is knowledgeable of diets and supplements to reduce inflammation and routinely attends conferences highlighting her client’s needs. Jean’s tireless energy, quirky humor and compassion encourage me on my worst days. Jean’s care has enabled me to be cane free and independent once again which is invaluable.

I have lymphatic drainage for relaxation. I sought out Jean because of her knowledge of the original Dr. Vodder technique. I can feel all of my stress melt away during a session. I can’t wait to have these appointments with her. It’s the one thing that I do for myself regularly.

I recently had cosmetic surgery and was surprised about the amount of pain I was in and also quite concerned about very lumpy hard knots that were just under the surface of my skin. Someone suggested manual lymphatic drainage to help with the lumps, but I was concerned about the amount of pain I was in and that any type of massage would be intolerable. A friend of mine recommended that I contact Jean Coletti to discuss options. Not only was the lymph massage very comfortable, my pain also continued to decrease. The hard lumps began to soften immediately. I would highly recommend Jean to anyone. She is very knowledgeable and respectful and easy to trust.

I work at a computer all day long and get these “knots” in my shoulders that make my neck so tight. Jean explained that the “knots” were muscle trigger points that could be treated with dry needling. I decided to try it, even though I don’t like needles, but I was tired of the constant knots. I couldn’t believe what a big difference the dry needling made! The knots when away for over a month! My headaches went away, too! Because I still work at a computer, my knots come back but I just get them dry needled and I can work much more comfortably.

Years ago, I had more than one concussion from playing soccer. For years after that, my thinking always felt foggy, like I really had to work harder to process things. I also had headaches and some dizziness. A friend gave me a gift certificate to see Jean. She talked to me about my history and asked if I wanted to try manual lymph drainage for my head and neck. She explained that it could help even years after concussion. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after the lymph massage, I felt very relaxed. The next day, I felt more alert, like I finally woke up all the way. I also noticed that I was thinking a bit clearer. I went back to Jean for a few more lymph sessions for my head and neck and noticed that I just kept improving. My headaches really went down and I didn’t feel that “detached” dizzy feeling anymore.

I once read that encouragement means “to come up alongside of.” Jean has come alongside of me, offering support, encouragement, and hope. She also has brought a creative spirit, practical solutions, and a listening ear. I am so grateful to have her in my life. Thank you for caring about me as a person, Jean.