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It is a relief to see someone for my fat disorder who “gets me.” Jean knows the latest therapy treatments for it, reads the research, is knowledgeable about compression and can point me in the right direction to help me help myself.  —A.L.

What is Manual Lymph Drainage?

Manual lymph drainage (MLD) is a gentle, precise and non-invasive technique proven to be an effective method for promoting lymphatic flow in the body. The skin is stretched with a hands-on technique that encourages lymph drainage from the tissues. MLD can assist with conditions such as acute and chronic lymphedema, lipedema, bruising and swelling after surgery. Because MLD has a calming effect, it can help facilitate an overall sense of well-being. In addition to Manual Lymph Drainage, I offer Dry Needling and conventional orthopedic Physical Therapy in a comfortable environment. Please feel free to contact me to learn more about how these therapies can help you.

MLD for Lymphedema

Lymphedema may be acute or chronic. Acute lymphedema results after a sprain, strain, bruise, surgery, or other physical trauma. Because the lymph system helps the body recover from trauma, the amount of injury related swelling or bruising can create a “back-up” in the lymph system. This slows down the drainage of connective tissue. Applying MLD improves motility of the congested lymph…


MLD for Health & Well-Being

Manual lymph drainage is a gentle, slow, rhythmic technique. Because of its calming measured movements, MLD can help to lower blood pressure and heart rate by suppressing the Sympathetic Nervous System. The Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) is part of the Central Nervous System (the brain and spinal column). The SNS is dominant in “fight or flight” scenarios…


Treatment for Adipose (Fat) Disorders

There are four main Fat Disorders: Lipedema, Dercum’s Disease, Familial Multiple Lipomatosis, and Multiple Symmetrical Lipomatosis. Depending on the results of a physical therapy evaluation, Physical Therapy treatment may include Combined Decongestive Therapy that consists of Manual Lymph Drainage, Compression, Skin Care, Exercise, Education and Home Management…  


Dry Needling

Dry Needling (also called Trigger Point Needling or Intramuscular Manual Therapy) is a technique allowed in North Carolina and provided by a licensed Physical Therapist. The technique uses a monofilament needle without anesthetic or injection, thus “dry,” that is inserted into a tight muscle band to relax it. Dry Needling is used for myofascial trigger point pain. A trigger point is an area in the muscle where…



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